CureView is a cloud-based cure monitoring system.

CureView Products:

  • Software license to our user-friendly cloud-based website portal that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Durable and easy to use sensor strip that can be cut to any length. 
  • Handheld Controller attaches to Sensor Strip and connects to cloud-based portal. 

CureView is the brainchild of Erik Morris and monitors temperature at the pipe and liner interface. The handheld controller is attached to the sensor strip that runs the length of the shot.

Our cloud-based software connects with the handheld controller to monitored in real-time the cure cycle and can be viewed by anyone with login access to the specific project.

CureView answers that all important question…has the resin-soaked liner cured completely? No more “rock test” days to determine if a CIPP shot had cured (drop a rock down the pipe, if you hear a “clunk” sound, it’s considered cured, if you hear a thud sound it’s not).

Profit killing – An installation crew spending an extended amount of time on site. CureView displays accurate temperature readings along the entire length of the Sensor Strip. Based on requirements entered when the shot is set up, CureView displays the required target temperature, dwell time and when these requirements are met by each sensor, removing the guesswork.

Profit Killing – Revisiting a completed job for rework due to complications from an incomplete cure. Adding the use of CureView to every shot made helps to identify areas along the shot that are not curing according to requirements established. Crews can troubleshoot and purpose a solution before leaving the job site. Our chat function allows discussions between those on-site and off-site to decide on a solution together.

Real world CIPP rehabilitation is full of bumps, curves and unexpected obstacles that cause profit killing delays and extra work when needing a smooth monitoring environment. CureView is flexible, durable, and easy to use over bumps and corners without un-useable remnants on our sensor strip rolls.

No competing products offer all these advantages at any price.