We are committed to create Specialized Solutions To Maximize Performance And Efficiency.

We are a company with a passion for innovation:

Innovations Amplified (formally known as PMW Technologies, LLC) is a forward-thinking development company creating new products and processes by combining proven technology with progressive thinking. Our specialized solutions provide businesses with the opportunity to maximize performance and efficiency.

Current products have applications in CIPP, aerospace, and satellite industries. We want to engage with businesses who desire to find a better or new approach to overcome the profit-killing thinking: “We’ve always done it that way even though it wastes time and resources”.

The people behind our Specialized Solutions:

Steve Watkins

Executive Vice President Engineered Materials

An accomplished veteran in the world of structural composites, with more than three decades in engineering and manufacturing development for defense and commercial aerospace contractors, oil and gas industry, as well as applications for security, and recreational equipment.

Erik Morris

Executive Vice President Technology

Graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Electrical Engineering made his mark early on in his career in the automotive industry creating unique product offerings and customer solutions to meet and survive in the ever-changing world of automotive suppliers.